Owner FAQs

Owner Relations Contact Information

Attn: Bruin Owner Relations
602 Sawyer Street, Suite 210
Houston, TX 77007

E-mail: BruinOwner@bruinep.com

Owner Relations Hotline: 1-844-809-2523

We have established a single point of contact for Owner Relations questions not answered here. If you have special requests, or your questions are not answered on this website, please give us a call, write us, or send an email.

What are your hours?

Our Automated answering system is available 24 hours a day. Please be sure to leave your name (owner number if available) and correct phone number on the message along with any other pertinent information like county, area, well name, etc..

How do I notify Bruin of a change in my address?

You can complete, print and sign the change of address form found on this website (Download Change of Address Form Here) and mail or email it to Bruin Owner Relations. The address and email are listed above. Even if you do not receive a check or detail in the mail, please send us your address change so that we will have your most recent address in the event we need to send out any type of notification.

Why does the amount of my royalty payment change from month to month?

Changing market conditions can cause fluctuations in prices received for your production. This can vary greatly from month to month. Mechanical and/or other operating problems or routine maintenance may temporarily affect the amount of production if the well must be taken off line for a period of time. Also, as properties age, there is the normal trend toward declining production. If you have reason to believe an error has occurred, please contact us.

Why is Bruin making adjustments?

There are various reasons why adjustments might be made to your royalty payment. For example, we were provided incorrect production figures or pricing from the transporter or gatherer of production. Or, perhaps we found an error in the set up of our records and we are correcting them. Bruin attempts to disburse properly -when we find an error, we try to correct it. This can affect an owner’s check positively or negatively. Our goal is to properly account for the volume and pricing in accordance with your Lease Agreement and state statutes.

What options are available for receiving revenue and revenue detail?

Direct Deposit / Revenue Statement via email.

Hard copy statement will not be mailed unless requested.


Checks Mailed / Revenue Statement Mailed.

What should I do if I don't get my check?

Please understand that a check is only generated if your owner payable exceeds $100.00. For mailed checks, it can take as many as ten days to arrive.  If longer, contact us at BruinOwner@bruinep.com and please provide your owner number in your inquiry.

Does Bruin offer Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer)?

Yes.  To set up, please fill out the EFT Authorization Form and return via e-mail along with a copy of a voided check toBruinOwner@bruinep.com

What do I do when the owner of record passes away?

Notify Bruin of the demise of the owner of record. Please provide a copy of the death certificate, copy of the Will of the deceased and documentation from the Court evidencing who has been appointed as the Personal Representative of the Estate. Once this documentation is received, we will review it and advise you if any additional documentation is required. If the interest is owned as joint tenants with the right of survivorship, we will only need a copy of the death certificate.


These forms can be emailed to bruinowner@bruinep.com

How do I change my name on your records if I get married/divorced?

Please provide us with a copy of your marriage certificate if you get married and a copy of the divorce decree evidencing your change of name if you get divorced. If your name has been changed by Court Order, please provide us with a copy of the Order.

How do I put my interest into a Trust?

We recommend that you contact your personal attorney to assist you in this matter. In addition to a Trust Agreement, you will need a deed or assignment from yourself, individually, to the trust. This document will need to be filed of record in the county where the property is located.

How do I notify Bruin of a change in Trustee?

Please send a copy of the document evidencing the appointment of the successor trustee.

What do I do if I want to transfer my ownership to someone else?

We recommend that you contact your personal attorney to assist you in preparing a deed or assignment. This document must be filed of record in the county where the property is located.

I would like to add my spouse to my account. How do I do this?

Because a mineral interest is real property, you will need to have a deed or assignment prepared from you, individually, to you and your spouse. This will need to be filed of record in the county where the property is located.

I found my name on a list of unclaimed money, what do I do?

You will need to contact the number published in the news publication to get the monies from the State because once monies are turned over to the State of the last known address, it is a matter between the State and you as the claimant.

Contact us at BruinOwner@bruinep.com to see if we have amounts in suspense that you may be entitled to.

A representative will advise you what to do if there are monies remaining for your account. A helpful website is www.naupa.com, which contains the unclaimed property records of participating states (not all states participate).

How long will it take Bruin to respond to my correspondence?

We attempt to reply to every letter within 30 business days of the receipt of your letter. It could be longer, depending upon the volume and complexity of mail received. E-mails are typically responded to within two to three working days. If the information requested in the e-mail must be researched, it will be passed on to an analyst to be reviewed and responded to. We attempt to reply to phone messages within 24 hours of receipt during the business week.

Why is North Dakota withholding tax deducted from my revenue check?

North Dakota State Law requires withholding tax of 2.15% be withheld for all royalty interests that reside outside the State of North Dakota.

How long does it take for a transfer of interest to occur?

If the correct documentation is received by Bruin by the 10th of the month, the transfer/change will be processed in that month’s business. If the correct documentation is received after the 10th of the months, the transfer/change will be processed in the next month’s business. Sending incorrect or insufficient documentation will further delay requests for change.