Owner Relations Overview

Bruin values the relationships it has built with all of its partners. Some of the most important relationships we have are with our working, mineral, and/or royalty interest owners. We strive to treat our partners with the utmost respect and consideration. Where we are able, we try to make it convenient and easy to obtain information and answers to your questions. Therefore, this website includes certain forms, and a “Frequently Asked Questions” area to help provide instant information.


We have established a single point of contact for Owner Relations questions not answered here. If you have special requests, or your questions are not answered on this website, please give us a call, write us, or send an email. An effort is made to answer each call immediately. However, you may get our voicemail. If so, please leave us a detailed message and remember to include your phone number so we can return your call.

Owner Relations Contact Information


602 Sawyer Street, Suite 710
Houston, TX 77007


Phone: 1-844-809-2523


E-mail: BruinOwner@bruinep.com