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The Principals at Bruin have operated properties in a number of onshore basins across the United States.

Bruin E&P Operating, LLC (“Bruin”) is a cutting edge oil and gas exploration and production company in the Williston Basin, North Dakota.  Bruin’s operational areas include the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.  Bruin strives to use the most up to date technology to operate in the safest and most cost-efficient manner.  Bruin utilizes the vast experience of its employees in a multi-disciplinary approach across every aspect of Bruin’s business.  Bruin prioritizes the management of environmental, social, and governance considerations throughout Bruin’s business.

Making A Difference​

Bruin makes every attempt to work with local communities and local leaders, including leaders of the MHA Nation, to adhere to directives, policies, and requested accommodations for operations to minimize disruption of local lands and environments.


Safety is a cornerstone of Bruin’s operations. Bruin’s principals all come from major, integrated oil and gas companies where safety and sustainability were an integral part of the business.

That same philosophy is part of Bruin’s business. We strive to ensure the safety of everyone involved in Bruin’s businesses and have implemented a Safety Management Plan that covers all of our activities and operations.

If you have more questions about Bruin’s involvement with the community or would like to receive more information, contact us.


Bruin differentiates itself from our peers by focusing on the interrelationship between technology and industry experience in every aspect of our operations.  Bruin tracks costs, productions, and operations in real-time to be able to make immediate decisions and changes in operational plans.

Bruin’s employees use the best software available to confirm operational efficiencies and compliance.

  • Highly integrated systems

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Use of artificial intelligence & machine learning

  • Advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Program

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Who we are

Bruin has an open and transparent working environment with officers spending time in the field on a regular basis.  Bruin asks that every employee contributes through their own role or outside of their roles wherever they see an opportunity to assist and succeed.  Every employee at Bruin is provided with every tool to succeed and thrive. 

Matt Steele

Matt B. Steele

Chief Executive Officer
Tyler Crabtree

Tyler Crabtree

Chief Financial Officer
Kennon Doyal

Kennon Doyal

Chief Operations Officer

Bridget Wheatley

Chief Information Officer
WIlliam Gestchow

William Getschow

EVP & General Counsel

Nader Daylami

EVP Finance & Business Development

Ken Smith

Chief Accounting Officer

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