Nov 21, 2019


Bruin’s UAV program is the product of over 8 years of SUAS (small unmanned aerial system) development including thousands of hours of development in the office and through flights in the field. Over the years, we have participated in the growth of this industry and watched as regulations have created opportunity to increase our ability to use UAVs in our business. 

Today, Bruin has 3 FAA licensed and trained pilots, with several more preparing for the FAA exam and awaiting Bruin’s field training. We currently operate a fleet of UAVs in a variety of sizes utilizing a wide array of sensors. Additionally, we have outfitted a vehicle that acts as a MCC (mobile command center). This vehicle allows us to transport our entire fleet and sensor packages as needed for data collection, and also allows multiple people to view operations as they are executed.

Through our years of UAV operation, we have observed how these tools are changing the way oil and gas companies are planning, inspecting, and documenting assets. We are currently using UAVs in three distinct ways:

  • Facility Live Cycle Planning and Operations
  • Field Development Planning
  • Facilities Inspections, Compliance Monitoring, and Incident Response

In the future, we believe even more uses for UAVs will be discovered and as regulations ease, there will be more opportunities to integrate UAVs into our planning and operations.

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