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Bruin E&P Operating, LLC places a great value on its relationship with its vendors, suppliers, and contractors (the “Bruin Vendors”).

Bruin requests that all Bruin Vendors’ invoices be sent through OpenInvoice to more quickly and efficiently manage and pay invoices submitted by Bruin Vendors. Bruin Vendors are requested to follow the instructions on this page for electronic invoicing through OpenInvoice and to use this page as an instructional guide for other invoicing and payment procedures. This page does not modify or alter the terms of the Bruin Vendors’ respective agreements with Bruin.

Vendor resources

We have established a single point of contact for Vendor Relations questions not answered here. If you have special requests, or your questions are not answered on this website, please give us a call, write us, or send an email.


Attn: Bruin Accounts Payable
602 Sawyer Street, Suite 210
Houston, TX 77007


Phone: 713 456-3000


    Bruin Vendors should communicate with their Bruin designated contact for operational issues and the Bruin accounting department by phone at (713) 456 3000 or by email at for invoicing/payment questions. Bruin has designated employee(s) that are responsible for vendor inquiries and Bruin will make all reasonable attempts to respond to questions within forty-eight hours. As such, Bruin requests that the Bruin Vendors do not contact multiple Bruin personnel with questions.


    Bruin Vendors are required to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations when providing services, goods, and/or equipment to Bruin. Bruin Vendors are further required to comply with Bruin’s policies as shown on the following links.
    1. Safety And Environmental Requirements;
    2. Search and Seizure Policy ; and
    3. Federal Contract Provisions.


    Companies that would like to become a Bruin Vendor should contact the Bruin Purchasing Department by phone at (713) 456 3000 or by email at


    Bruin requests that Bruin Vendors sign up for electronic invoice submission through OpenInvoice by (1) calling (866) 627 3287, (2) emailing OpenInvoice at or (3) registering with OpenInvoice online - visit site. In the event that a Bruin Vendor has a specific reason that it is unable to sign up through OpenInvoice then such Bruin Vendor should contact Bruin by phone at (713) 456 3000 or by email at


    Bruin’s standard invoicing terms are that invoices be submitted by Bruin Vendors within thirty (30) days of the completion of the services or delivery of the goods or equipment. Bruin’s standard payment terms are that undisputed invoices are paid within sixty (60) days of Bruin’s receipt of the invoice and Bruin shall receive a two percent (2%) discount on invoices paid within fifteen (15) days of Bruin’s receipt of the invoice. All invoices must be submitted in the exact name of the respective Bruin Vendor that has an agreement in place with Bruin. To the extent possible, Bruin’s preference is that Bruin Vendor’s affiliates’ and subsidiaries’ invoices be consolidated into one invoice for submission. Bruin does not intend to pay invoices submitted later than six (6) months following the completion of the services or delivery of the goods or equipment (subject to the accumulation of invoices as set forth in the next sentence). For recurring services and/or delivery of goods and/or equipment, Bruin Vendors are requested to accumulate invoices until the undisputed amount due and payable by Bruin is at least $2,000.


    Address Changes: Please send a signed letter on company letterhead notifying Bruin of your company’s current/correct address and contact information to and

    Name Changes: Please send all certified company name change documentation (including mergers, consolidation, sale or acquisitions) along with a letter signed by an authorized signatory of your company stating the details of the change as well as an updated W-9 for your company to and

    Payment Detail Changes: Please send a letter signed by an officer of your company requesting the payment detail changes for invoices to or 602 Sawyer St., Suite 710, Houston, Texas 77007, Attn: Antoinette Prejean. Bruin will contact your company to confirm such payment detail changes.

We value our vendors

Bruin E&P Operating, LLC places a great value on its relationship with its vendors, suppliers, and contractors (the “Bruin Vendors”).

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